Board games and tournaments

With prizes, of course.

🚀 Tournament: Terraforming mars
Game that took over the world comes to the great table of FESB. Prepare for meteors, plants, animals, first settlements, factories. Lets terraform our new home.

🛥 Tournament: Captain Sonar
Gather your crew, dive in dangerous depths, turn on the Sonar. Be prepared for the great resistanc in the deep sea!

🚂 Tournament: Ticket to ride
For all those new to board games, but also for the seasoned players, we will build the connections among european cities and try to maintain monopoly over physical communication among people and places, Tournament is open for everyone from 8 years of age. First round is played in Europe mode, and in second Rails&Sails.

Except for the tournament, the rich collection of board games from Udruga F&ST will be available to you during all three days of the convention.