Donat Petricioli speaks about water

Living things on Earth, much like many of those described in science fiction stories and movies, often move through the water, they travel/swim/dive through it, use it for drink, as a fuel or go to war because of it – whether among cowboys or on an interplanetary scale.

As a sea biologist and professional diver as well as fan of science fiction, Donat Petricioli has been in a close relationship with water for over 30 years, whether it is fresh or sea water. He found out a lot about its extraordinary properties, abilities and inabilities, and now wants to share that knowledge  with current as well as future writers, and also readers of science fiction.

In his lecture he will go over the characteristic features of the water – its chemical, physical, biological, mechanical and other properties – which immediately determine abilities of the organisms that use it, or live in and on it.
The lecture is accompanied by  the photographs (part of which he took himself) and can be used as a great reference for writing some future stories, or to leave a well educated review after reading some already written ones.