Info Dump 1 Program

1. Javor Trnovit – Dream or reality?
Presentation of conceptual art and fantastic world of Javor Trnovit presented to you with dungeon synth music, poetry inspired by folk tales and visual art that reminds us of D&D adventured. The world is inspired by traditional beliefs, nature of Dalmatinska zagora, dreams, computer and board games and fantasy literature.

2. Introduction to SCP by dr. Tinka Pahuljica
Secure. Contain. Protect. That is the motto of SCP Foundation,ade up organisation documented by the internet collaborative fiction project with the same name. In the imagined setting of the web site, SCP Foundation is responsible for locating and keeping of personalities, entities, locations and objects that break the laws of nature. In this In-universe lecture dr. Tinka Pahuljica will introduce us to the basic principles and method of the SCP organization, as well as some of the most intriguing SCP objects that came from writers all around the world during the last decade.

3. Fantastic origami
You always wanted to make a paper unicorn? Or you already know, but want to make a dragon or some other fantastical creature? Or maybe you prefer spaceships and want to make your own origami X-Wing?
In “Fantastic origami workshop”, with help from the origami master from SF&F Mordele from Poreč you can learn how to make all sorts of creatures from fantasy myths. Workshop is intended for all ages.

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