Josip Ćirić talks about robot ethics

Robots, fourth industrial revolution, ethical conquering of humankind, 100. birth anniversary of Asimov and one and only professor Ćirić.

If you ever attended any of his lectures, you know you are in for a treat, no matter the subject.
This year, for 100th birth anniversary of Isaac Asimov, he will give us the overview of “where exactly are we in terms of attempts in robot ethics. From the first four laws of robotics to the real legal boundaries that regulate the field of artificial intelligence. With the oncoming fourth industrial revolution and lessons we learned from the past three of them, the question remains: are science fiction and humanistic sciences all that different? Will the philosophers be finally replaced by The Great Thought or do they still have a few ethical debates up their sleeve?”

Josip Ćirić is an outstanding professor of philosophy o the Department for information science under the University of Zadar. For twenty years has been popularizing social and humanistic sciences and science fiction. He started “Faust”, elective course “Science fiction and philosophy”, and is sometimes called in by different media when they require SF geek with a degree.