FantaSTikon is back!

It is our pleasure to announce that the 6th FantaSTikon will be held from the 17th to the 19th of July, 2020. The schedule will be kept as similar as possible to the original March edition. We are following the instructions of the relevant institutions and are capable of following all of the proposed epidemiological […]

Fantastikon postponed for July

According to the new instructions from the state authorities, and taking into consideration the official information and advice given directly from them, FantaSTikon is unfortunately cancelled.We are sorry for the inconvenience. We understand the seriousness of the situation and want to prioritize people’s health. Exact date of the conference will be published separately, but will […]

FantaSTikon 2020 pending?

Meanwhile, be like Vulcans: wash hands often and avoid handshakes 🖖🏻

Board games and tournaments

With prizes, of course. 🚀 Tournament: Terraforming mars Game that took over the world comes to the great table of FESB. Prepare for meteors, plants, animals, first settlements, factories. Lets terraform our new home. 🛥 Tournament: Captain Sonar Gather your crew, dive in dangerous depths, turn on the Sonar. Be prepared for the great resistanc […]

Collection and magazine

This year we decided to not only continue, but also increase our publishing by introducing our new e-magazine FantaSTine. It is created by young people, colorful, free and available online already on the pages of Udruga F&ST. Second year in a row we published a collection of short stories sharing the subtopics with the convention […]

Board games

Kristian Čurla If you play board games, then you know who we are talking about. Professional designer (Croteam Indie, Pine Studio) of video and board games (Tides of Time, Tides of Madness) will be talking about differences in design of these two and will test his new game. Tomislav Čipčić Game mechanics, building of prototypes, […]

How did Hangar7 convince EU to give money for SF?

You will find out from Davorin Horak, the main editor of Hangar 7 and leader of the project “Speculative fiction – past, present and future”, editor of Sirius B and portal Inversion. Hangar 7 presents: Genre circus in your town, with a little bit of stand-up comedy and a little bit of boring (and indispensable PPTs). […]

Program Info Dump 2

🏝 Davor Šišović, founder of Jules Verne club in Pazin and Days of Jules Verne in Pazin, researcher of Verne’s life and works, editor of a few Croatian versions of Verne’s novels, will be speaking about “The fantastic worlds of Jules Verne”. Jules Gabriel Verne (1828.-1905.) is known as the father of science fiction, they say […]

Water and hydrogen

🗺 The undersea cultural treasures Silva Kukoč, archaeology major, a specialized consultant in the Ministry of culture for the Republic of Croatia, at the Conservatory department in Split, will present some of the most interesting submarine localities through a short description and photography, and will be presenting the cultural – touristic guide “The undersea culture of Split-Dalmatian […]

Three day RPG

Welcome to the Guild of the Name Seekers, three day program by the club of the lovers of Dungeons&Dragons from Zadar. During the event you can got to know world of D&D, find out how to make and play your campaign and characters, try out different adventures, find new players or Dungeon Masters and many […]

Honorary guest

Continuing with the same topic „under the sea“ we present you our second honorary guest of this years’ FantaSTikon: prof. dr. sc. Jakov Dulčić. Prof. Dulčić is a Scientific adviser at Prirodoslovno-matematički fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, ichthyologist, fishing biologist and leader of the Laboratory for ichthyology and coastal fishing at Institut za oceanografiju i ribarstvo Split. He […]

Special guest

UPA Rostrum Split Association that promotes diving and ecology and any other form of people coexisting with sea. All lovers of the sea, diving and nature can get first hand info on how to become a part of that gorgeous sea world. Everything you wanted to know about diving, one look beneath the surface, but […]

Info Dump 1 Program

1. Javor Trnovit – Dream or reality? Presentation of conceptual art and fantastic world of Javor Trnovit presented to you with dungeon synth music, poetry inspired by folk tales and visual art that reminds us of D&D adventured. The world is inspired by traditional beliefs, nature of Dalmatinska zagora, dreams, computer and board games and fantasy […]

Pub quizzes

This year we have 5! (But there’s only 4 in the announcement?) 1. Our youngest member Lav Mlinar traditionally has his own quiz this year too (no, his dad dint’t help him, and he does everything by himself, every time). Lego Video games Quiz is made for teams from 2 to 4 players that adore […]

La dolce vita

Nope, there (for now) is no Corona virus here and fingers crossed it never comes this way. In this part of the program, we are talking about Italy in terms of films, Split and SF: 1.  doc. dr. sc. Katarina Dalmatin, docent in the Department for Italian language and literature under the Faculty of humanities and […]

Alvin explores the ocean

What do the depths of the ocean look like? How does it feel to dive in a submarine Alvin,  one of the oldest submarines dedicated to deep sea research… and how does a person from Splita end up in it on the bottom of the Pacific ocean? Nika Stagličić is a scientist from the Institute for […]

100 year anniversary of the birth of Frank Herbert

This year we celebrate 100 year anniversary of the birth of Frank Herbert, writer of the cult book series Dune. Zdeslav Benzon, whom we already know as a great fan of SF and a frequent guest on FantaSTikon will, in his lecture “From Calladan to Arrakis. 100 years of Franka Herberta and  55 years of Dune”, […]

Donat Petricioli speaks about water

Living things on Earth, much like many of those described in science fiction stories and movies, often move through the water, they travel/swim/dive through it, use it for drink, as a fuel or go to war because of it – whether among cowboys or on an interplanetary scale. As a sea biologist and professional diver […]

Our dear chess lovers…

King and Queen of Chess are arriving from Chess club Student from Splita with two events in our program: ♟ Fantastic simultaneous exhibition 2 Chess simultaneous exhibition is always fascinating – match where one chess master is playing against multiple opponents at the same time is a spectacle known far and wide, even by people outside of the […]

Announcement of the movie projection

In the cinematic part of the program we present you: “Slice of Life” is original short sci-fi movie. It was filmed entirely using models and projections in style of SF classics from 1980’s, in a small garage near Zagreb, without using CGI methods. Yes, what you san see ona a picture above – result of human ingenuity only. […]

Aleksandar Žiljak!

So, you need something more? Ok. Aleksandar Žiljak is famous and renowned author and illustrator, frequent guest at most of our conventions, and also of some abroad like the Eurocon 2017. in Dortmund where he was a Guest of Honor. This year he is talking of sea monster that have been filling sailors’ mind with […]

Rules for cosplay competition 2020.

Acceptable costumes Acceptable costumes have to be crafted to represent the existing character from books, movies, tv shows, games, anime, songs etc. Acceptable topics of the costumes include all sub genres of fantasy and sci-fi (yes, we do include other genres if the plot and the costume include fantasy and sci-fi elements). Original characters, fan art, […]

GUEST OF HONOUR: Francesco Verso

Francesco Verso is an Italian multiple-award Science Fiction writer and editor. He has published: Antidoti umani, e-Doll, Livido, Bloodbusters and I camminatori. Livido (translated in English by Sally McCorry as Nexthuman) and Bloodbusters have been published in the USA UK and China. He also works as Editor of Future Fiction, a multicultural project, publishing the best SF in translation from 20 countries and 8 different languages, which won the Best […]

Josip Ćirić talks about robot ethics

Robots, fourth industrial revolution, ethical conquering of humankind, 100. birth anniversary of Asimov and one and only professor Ćirić. If you ever attended any of his lectures, you know you are in for a treat, no matter the subject. This year, for 100th birth anniversary of Isaac Asimov, he will give us the overview of […]

Volunteer applications for FantaSTikon 2020

Dear volunteers, without you FantaSTikon wouldn’t be possible! <3 Be our superheroes this year and apply via link before 1st of March. You will receive feedback on the 2nd of March along with the invitation for the meeting. 🥳🤩💝

Story collection competition results

Dear writers and everyone else, it is our pleasure to present to you the list of authors whose stories we included in the second FantaSTikon story collection. The collection will be presented, and the winner of the FantaST prize for the best story in the collection declared at the conference itself (exact time and place will […]

Program application for FantaSTikon 2020.

Presenters! Lecturers! Ahoy! Applications for participation in 6th FantaSTikon are now open and up on the website. (Do not worry, we also have some things prepared.) Applications for your lectures, workshops, presentations of your titles, quizzes, showcases and such can be submitted here. All interested shops and vendors that would like a stand in the […]