Our dear chess lovers…

King and Queen of Chess are arriving from Chess club Student from Splita with two events in our program:

 Fantastic simultaneous exhibition 2
Chess simultaneous exhibition is always fascinating – match where one chess master is playing against multiple opponents at the same time is a spectacle known far and wide, even by people outside of the world of the tournament chess. Mental ability of a trained player to follow with more parallel complex processes is intriguing, and so if often the distance walked during one of these matches.

President of the Chess club Student, master candidate Nina Vuković, active player of the tournament chess for the last 20 years, this year organises an opportunity for everyone interested in simultaneous playing that has been unable to try it so far. If you want to find out how would you manage faced with an opponent that is one of the best in his class, this is ideal chance for you!

 Soviet chess masters
From Aljehin to Kasparov, this is an overview of both technical development of the sport by Russian giants and some of the anecdotes that pay tribute to the brilliance of chess artists the were in the spotlight, even during The Cold War.

Reflection on this fascinating era of the most famous  school of chess that dominated the sport during 20th century and raised chess from the age of amateur romanticism into the elite professional sport we know today is brought to you by Igor Vuković, active player of the tournament chess for 18 years, founder and ex-leader of the Chess club Student.