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🏝 Davor Šišović, founder of Jules Verne club in Pazin and Days of Jules Verne in Pazin, researcher of Verne’s life and works, editor of a few Croatian versions of Verne’s novels, will be speaking about “The fantastic worlds of Jules Verne”.
Jules Gabriel Verne (1828.-1905.) is known as the father of science fiction, they say that he predicted many inventions and new technologies which later came to be, and also wrote about these parts of  the world. The world marks the anniversary of one of the most famous Verne’s books – “40.000 miles under the sea”, to us known as 20.000 miles under the sea. This is an excellent opportunity to think about what you already know about Verne and to find out even more.

💻 Živko Kondić – Zhillustrator is a long time free lance painter, whose style is defined by a bit more open approach to digital art.  Živko is a lover of colors, pastoral and sci-fi and this year he will introduce you to the world of digital paintings and photography. Through a workshop suitable for beginners you can learn what are the first steps in digital art and how to do them, along with examples.

🦄 Nikolina Kukoč, Split’s Luna, together with Neville is taking you to the world of Hogwarts through a magical workshop for children and those who feel that way. You will learn about magical beasts and create your own. You will find all about potions and their uses. For a few hours you will become students of the best schools of magic in Europe.

Author of the image: Zhillustrator