Rules for cosplay competition 2020.

Acceptable costumes
Acceptable costumes have to be crafted to represent the existing character from books, movies, tv shows, games, anime, songs etc.

Acceptable topics of the costumes include all sub genres of fantasy and sci-fi (yes, we do include other genres if the plot and the costume include fantasy and sci-fi elements).

Original characters, fan art, gijinka characters and characters from religious texts won’t be considered.

Rules for the competition
Cosplayers can apply via the link. Underage participants are not allowed  (18+ only).

Application is also forbidden for the last year winner and all members of the committee in current year.

Competition stages

Competition will be held on Saturday and will be comprised of 4 parts::

  1. Room escape (roleplay)
  2. Preassessment (only part closed for general public)
  3. Individual performans
  4. Winner announcement

Every competitor is obliged to present themselves to the committee while wearing the costume intended for competition on Saturday (exact location and time will be published just before the convention in the timetable at

Participation in room escape is not mandatory, but participates in the final score.

Participation at preassessment is mandatory, and cosplayers that don’t are out of the competition.

Grading of the costumes
Costumes will be graded by the committee comprised of 3 members.

At least one member must be from the Executive Board of Udruga F&ST.

Second member may (but doesn’t have to be) the winner from the last FantaSTikon cosplay competition (winner can decide on accepting this duty by themself).

Final member is elected by the FantaSTikon committee that organises convention for the current year.

Reward categories
Competitors can wear more costumes for the duration of the convention. Graded will be only the costume they applied with, and that must be worn on Saturday and the competition itself.

For the simplicity of it (and tendency to change with the development of the convention), rewards are the First, Second and Third place, along with Honorable mention.

Categories of grading by their relevance

  1. Skill in crafting the costume (sewing, props, armors etc) – 45% of the grade
  2. Giving life to your character (roleplay, room escape) – 35% of the grade
  3. Performans in front of the audience and committee (original performans) – 20% of the grade