Three day RPG

Welcome to the Guild of the Name Seekers, three day program by the club of the lovers of Dungeons&Dragons from Zadar. During the event you can got to know world of D&D, find out how to make and play your campaign and characters, try out different adventures, find new players or Dungeon Masters and many other interesting things:

Monceniggo quarry
Local quarry has a problem. The owner of that quarry and the chief architect of the capitol, Don Monceniggo, will pay you well to solve that problem.
🎆 Echo of tomorrow
20 years ago, when CRaDE corporation opened an inter dimensional portal, an accident happened. Magic leaked into this world, and many people and creatures were changed.
👧 Tomb of the knights of Delijan
Beginners one shot campaign for new and experienced players of levels 1-3. It consists of 4-7 encounters, and the end goal is to save the kidnapped girl before evil goblins use her as a sacrifice.
💰Dwarven 9 and 1/3 or The Heist Of The Decade
Underneath the dwarven mountain, there is the greatest treasure on this continent. Enough to make you the richest person in this area for the next 10 years. But, the way to the treasure hoard is not easy, neither is it difficult – it is practically impossible.
☠️Endless dungeon
Adventure for experienced players, with the main goal of holding up alive ad healthy for as long as you can. How far cane u make it?

📓D&D 5e vs PF 2e
Differences between 2nd edition and Dungeons&Dragons 5th edition. Introduction to PF 2e: Proficiency, DCs, Actions, Skills, Ancestry vs race, etc.
📔Home brew 101 – Creating your own races and classes
Dungeon Master will show you how to make your own class/race without making it too weak/strong/boring, and what is most important, to be playable in  Pathfinder universe.
📙RPG state of consciousness – what role does visualization have in improving your own reality
📒Visualization inside RPG and its therapeutic benefits. Self help by role playing – why? Meeting RPG therapy communities from around the world.
📕Introduction to Pathfinder 2e
Explanation of second edition and character creation (lecture and a workshop).
📗DMs of the round table
Gathering of the DMs in one place to exchange experiences and create new connections.
📘Your first adventure
D&D for Dungeon Masters beginners. First original adventure from the idea to the execution.
📙Your first session
D&D for Dungeon Masters beginners. How to lead your first original session as a Dungeon Master.