Water and hydrogen

🗺 The undersea cultural treasures
Silva Kukoč, archaeology major, a specialized consultant in the Ministry of culture for the Republic of Croatia, at the Conservatory department in Split, will present some of the most interesting submarine localities through a short description and photography, and will be presenting the cultural – touristic guide “The undersea culture of Split-Dalmatian region”.

♻️ The lecture about waste in the sea
Dr.sc. Pero Tutman, a scientific consultant at the Institute for oceanography and fishing from Split, will be talking about the waste in the sea as one of the main threats to the maritime Eco-systems both globally and on the Mediterranean,  because of its ecological, economical, safety, health and cultural influence.

🚗 Hydrogen powered automobile: science fiction or reality?
Prof. Dr. Sc. Frano Barbir, head of the Department for thermodynamics and thermotechnics at FESB, Split, will explain the working of automobiles powered by hydrogen along with where and how the hydrogen is extracted. He will be showing the history of development of such cars and current progress while also discussing its future. He will make the comparison with the electrical cars containing batteries and will also answer the question if the car can operate on water as its fuel.

🌱 Transplantation of sea grass
Fedra Dokoza, the representative of the Society for nature, environment and sustainable development “Sunce”, will be talking about Posedonia Oceanica, a plant named after the Greek god Poseidon, the ruler of the sea and earthquakes, an endemic kind of sea grass plant in the Mediterranean sea, which inhabited by more than a hundred different species of algae and animals. Although known under the name ‘the lungs of the sea’,  we destroy it on daily basis. Docking, waste, fishing, how and why we endanger it, how to protect it and how did the pilot project of her transplantation go?

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