Anatomy of Future Bodies

Francesco Verso

Francesco Verso is an Italian multiple-award Science Fiction writer and editor. He has published: Antidoti umani, e-Doll, Livido, Bloodbusters and I camminatori. Livido (translated in English by Sally McCorry as Nexhuman) and Bloodbusters have been published in the USA UK and China. He also works as Editor of Future Fiction, a multicultural project, publishing the best SF in translation from 20 countries and 8 different languages, which won the Best Publisher Award at the 2019 EuroCon in Belfast. He can be found at

In his 5 published novels, Francesco Verso has explored different ways to achieve a sort of Transhumanism that could lead to Posthumanism. Using diverse SF technologies like cyberpunkish implants and 3D printed prostethics, mind-uploading, bio-mimetic artificial bodies and nanotech, his stories question the very nature of human beings and the often ambiguos relationship they have with technology as a tool of overcome biological limits.