Pub quizzes

This year we have 5!
(But there’s only 4 in the announcement?)

1. Our youngest member Lav Mlinar traditionally has his own quiz this year too (no, his dad dint’t help him, and he does everything by himself, every time). Lego Video games Quiz is made for teams from 2 to 4 players that adore the worlds most popular plastic bricks in virtual form.

2. Jerko Haldir Popović, one of the founders of the Udruga F&ST and seasoned SF&F fan will get you mind reeling with quotes and snippets from movies and tv shows. Which ones? Old? New? Netflix or Amazon?! Come and see. 

3. Ivana Roguljić is already getting reputation in Split for her quizzes (especially due to the manic attendance of every Harry Potter quiz  ). In this group quiz for teams up to 4 players she shows all love and passion she has towards vampires. Immortal, strong, swift and above all else romantic (at least the new versions) – there is much to like. Truth, they are blood lusting beasts, but all of us can fall for the suffering soul wanting to be understood. And we are being drained anyways by our spouses, parents, kids, colleagues, professors… There are countless folk tales, legends and beliefs as well as their modern adaptations in forms of  novels, comics, movies, tv shows, video games and such. Seems like human fascination with vampires will live on forever.

4. Again Ivana? Super!  Together with Branka Ćićerić Perlain she will dive through the depths of pop culture in search of the answers on a quiz for teams up to 4 players. Sea depths were always the source of multiple legends – from fearsome monsters, Bermuda triangle and wrathful gods, to the lost treasure, roaming submarines to the little mermaids. While the bravest among us really do cruise that vastness in search of its secrets, the rest of us are mostly content living those experiences through in other ways. With that being said, it is not strange that books, comics, movies, tv shows, video games and board games with that topic are so popular.